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Nick backs Lib Dem plans to combat youth crime

August 9, 2008

Liberal Democrats in Hastings & Rye have welcomed proposals made by the party’s Shadow Home Secretary Chris Huhne MP to tackle youth crime.

The plans aim to deter crime and get young people involved in positive activities that benefit local communities.  [See this link for full details]

Nick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner said, “I was shocked to read about St Michael’s Hospice nurse Sue Marsh’s recent experience of having concrete hurled at her car. This was dangerous and mindless, and is not representative of how lots of our young people behave.

“New proposals from the Lib Dems will go a long way towards reducing youth crime. By having more police and by focusing on crime hotspots, we will be able to deter crime more effectively,” says Nick.

“But we also need to give young people positive alternatives to do. Too often they get into trouble because there is nothing for them to get stuck in to. The local Play Pathfinder is a step in the right direction, and the proposed Youth Volunteer Force will be a great way to get young people involved in activities that benefit themselves and the area where they live.”

Nick, 31, who has recently been asked to join his Party’s national policy working group on young people’s issues says,

“I am also keen to ensure that those who do break the law or cause disturbances or vandalism have to pay back the community they have wronged.”

“That is why restorative justice is important. It will mean that those convicted of offences will have to work to clean up vandalism or on projects that benefit the community as a whole.

“Residents in Hastings and in Rye are contacting me with their worries about youth crime. I believe that the proposals the Liberal Democrats have put forward will help to address these problems and concerns.”

[Do you have experience of youth crime locally?  What do you think of our proposals?]


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