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Rother recycling scheme is rubbish

May 26, 2008

Dear (Rye & Battle Observer) Editor,

I would like to respond to the letter that you published from Pam Tomsett last week.

Pam is absolutely right that the recycling scheme in Rother is going from bad to worse.

This is also the view of Cllr Susan Prochak, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Rother District Council.

It has been Liberal Democrats who have been attempting (across a range of issues) to get Conservative-run Rother to be more transparent in its decision-making processes, as well as to devolve power to Area Committees, so that local people, with local expertise, can shape local services.

I am afraid that, whether your MP is the Labour MP for Hastings & Rye, or the Conservative MP for Bexhill & Battle, you will not find the kind of commitment to devolution necessary to make recycling work for everyone.

Moreover, over in Hastings, the Labour Group has been responsible for a massive overspend on recycling, introducing a scheme which has been wildly unpopular and which the Conservatives have now adopted wholesale.

I would like to assure Ms Tomsett that there is one party that is taking recycling seriously – both the need to increase our recycling successes, and for the scheme to be operated on principles of common sense.

Prior to coming to live on the South Coast, I used to live in the Lib Dem-run London Borough of Lambeth, where a mixed recycling scheme operated brilliantly.

As the Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, I am working in partnership with the Lib Dem Group on Rother District Council to make a difference.

Can I encourage local people to make use of their Lib Dem campaigners?!

[Please let me know your experience of Rother Recycling by filling in the form below]


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