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Hastings Tories deserve the Birch

May 21, 2008

Dear (Observer) Editor,

Jeremy Birch (Letters, 16 May 2008) is right that the creation of an all-Conservative Cabinet for Hastings Borough Council flies in the face of the election results on 1 May.

But he has only got Labour’s Local Government Act 2000 to blame for this quirk of electoral fate.

It is about time that new electoral processes were introduced that value the votes that local people, in worryingly few numbers, cast.

The Additonal Member System which combines the first past the post, and party list systems, would be a welcome step forward in trying to revitalise our democracy. This is working well in other areas of the country.

I hope that our MP, Michael Foster, will be making this case at the Ministry of Justice and as part of the ‘Governance of Britain’ project.

We will have to see whether or not, in respect of electoral reform, Labour can deliver on their constitutional promises.

I suspect neither I, nor Cllr Birch, should hold our breath.

[What do you think?]


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