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Lib Dems act to curb unfair hospital parking charges

May 19, 2008

Nick Perry, Lib Dem parliamentary campaigner for Hastings & Rye, has thrown his weight behind Lib Dem colleague John Pugh MP today.

John Pugh, MP for Southport, a seaside town in the North West, has put down an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons in an attempt to get hospital trusts to change the way they manage parking facilities.

The EDM highlights “the additional financial strain put on patients and their friends and relatives by increasing parking charges” and calls on hospital trusts to take action against excessive costs.

Nick said:

“I work in mental health services and am well aware of the exorbitant costs of hospital parking locally.

“Patients, visitors and staff are paying through the nose at the Conquest. It makes me sick. This is not quite an NHS free at the point of delivery.

“I hope that John’s motion is the beginning of a step-change in the way hospital parking facilities are organised.”

John Pugh MP added:

“These parking charges are out of order.

“It is unfair for local people to be forced to pay hundreds of pounds just to visit sick friends and relatives.”

[Please sign our petition via the button at the top of the blog!]


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