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Shouldn’t we get free Green Waste collection?

May 12, 2008

Sunday was the first day since November when I have managed to get my act together and try to do something about our garden.

The grass, to my shame, was nigh-on waist high. So I went to the big home care store at Bexhill industrial estate and got myself a strimmer.

When I had broken three of the six ‘extra strong lines’ that came with the strimmer, I decided to revert to the trusty old shears that my neighbour generously lent me and set about hacking my way through the lovely meadow flowers that I couldn’t convince my partner it would be a shame to get rid of!

Why am I boring you with my domestic arrangements?

Well the point I am trying to elaborate is that once I had given a bag of grass cuttings to the same lovely neighbour for his composter, and realised that all the ivy I had cut back from the fence doesn’t compost anyway, it began to dawn on me that what I really needed was a garden waste collection service and I wondered (and then researched) what Hastings Borough Council offers in this regard.

What I found out is that (if I am not able to compost for myself, and I am welcome to buy a discounted composter from East Sussex County Council) then I can join the local Garden Waste Collection scheme for the privilege of a £35 annual payment.

I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden of their own. I do realise that to have one is a bonus. But with the rates of Council Tax locally, I had hoped (a wild hope possibly) that there might be some sort of scheme that would enable me to dispose of my garden waste in an environmentally friendly way without having to pay extra, or to travel to Pebsham Tip.

That this is not a service that is covered by my Council Tax is a matter of real disappointment. And having done some Googling today, I see that Lib Dem councils in Bournemouth and Eastbourne (from 2009) offer free green waste collection services. There may be others too.

If you have had any recent difficulties with issues of this kind, I would be glad to hear from you. Maybe we can lobby the Hastings Borough Council together to get a different outcome? There’s no more powerful way to change local policy than by a group of committed residents getting together and arguing their case. If it happens elsewhere in the country, then why not here?


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